HK arrival quarantine changes to 3+4 from 12AUG

This morning it was announced that the HKgov will change the Mandatory Hotel Quarantine scheme from 7 days to a 3+4 setting. Also it was specified that the arrival date of the passenger will be day 0, whereas so far the arrival day counted as day 1.

The new scheme will take effect starting from 12 August. Everyone that has a booking for their 7 days quarantine need not change anything. If the passenger is successfully released after 3 days of quarantine, then the hotel will process the reimbursement within a reasonable amount of time.

There is a minor change to the amount of tests travelers will have to undergo. The PCR test before departure still needs to be done, as well as intermittent PCR tests on the first, second, fourth, sixth, and ninth day. The minor change lays in the increase of days that RAT tests need to be done: until the tenth day.

For those that test PCR negative on day three of their quarantine, release is scheduled at 9am the next day. The traveler may then leave on their own accord. Their Leave Home Safe application will show a yellow QR code in case the traveler is asked to scan upon entering certain premises. Under a yellow QR code, the traveler will not be allowed access. The yellow will remain till day 7 after which it will return to blue provided they keep testing negative on RAT and PCR.

During the 4 days out of hotel quarantine, the traveler is expected to isolate at home as much as possible (or at the hotel if they do not have a residence).

More details and some questions & answers between reporters and HKgov officials can be found in an article made available for free on SCMP.