StartmeupHK Festival 2021

Want to discover what’s new and what’s next in the world of startups? Look no further than the StartmeupHK Festival brought to you by InvestHK. It’s one of the world’s largest virtual startup events. You can enjoy week-long online events featuring keynotes, panel discussions, exhibitions, investor and business matching, hackathons, job fairs, startup pitches and so much more!

The main events throughout the week will provide you with a unique opportunity to gain insights and valuable business knowledge like never before, with unparalleled access to the minds behind some of the world’s most exciting startups. Immerse yourself online and meet potential business partners and investors to help you find solutions on how to grow your business, exchange ideas, make connections and define the future.

The Festival will run throughout 24 to 28 May 2021 (Monday to Friday) and is open to attendees from across the globe.

Don’t miss out on the conversation to unlock new business opportunities today.

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