Hong Kong: A city at the edge of tomorrow

We have a summary of a special report on Hong Kong published by Forbes Asia magazine for you.

The past two years may have been the most turbulent in Hong Kong’s history. However, Hong Kong has risen to its recent difficulties in its typically tenacious fashion to put itself at the forefront of the global economic recovery. Thinking about the future, Hong Kong has come up with several development projects that will further boost the city’s competitive advantages and livability, leveraging its reputation as the gateway between mainland China and the rest of the world. Besides, Hong Kong is expected to be a crucial city within the Greater Bay Area, driving economic growth and new opportunities for years to come. Here some developments that are happening in Hong Kong;

A Dynamic Business Environment Where Fundraising Thrives

  • Together with Hong Kong’s world-class financial infrastructure, the resiliency and potential for growth make it a top pick for raising funds. Hong Kong has ranked as the world’s number one IPO venue in seven of the past 12 years.

Hong Kong’s Focus on ESG Paves a Path to a Greener Future

  • Due to the urgency of climate change, the Hong Kong government has taken a proactive approach to ESG integration, setting a strong policy framework and regulatory environment.

Hong Kong’s Fintech Industry Booms as Consumers Turn to Mobile Solutions

  • For most industries, the pandemic has brought various setbacks. But not for the fintech industry, which is dynamic and fast-growing in Hong Kong. The need for remote access and increased dependency on mobile technology has accelerated.

Right Mix of Government Support, Finance and Talent Make Hong Kong a Major Biotech Hub

  • Hong Kong is a natural home for biotech, with five universities inside the top 100 of the QS 2021 World University Rankings. Besides, Hong Kong’s location is another reason why biotech companies are flocking to the territory, not only for the potentially huge market but also for the chance for regional collaboration fostered by the city’s innovation agencies.

Hong Kong’s Cultural Events Show Resilience as well as Innovation to Adapt

  • Hong Kong’s arts ecosystem has grown fast in size and sophistication over the past decade. Although the pandemic forced the cancellation of many in-person events, Hong Kong has demonstrated flexibility and innovativeness to find alternatives that turn adversity into opportunity.

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