Committees are run by BLCC members and form an essential part of our Chamber. By participating in the Committees, members have the opportunity to meet fellow industry experts and those interested. They share experiences, insights & opinions, cover pressing topics in the relevant field and share their findings with the community. 

Committees will organise events, share publications and are the ones to give valuable input to authorities on the given domains when asked. 

China Committee 

In this committee, the latest developments in Mainland China in the economic, social, environmental & political field will be discussed. This committee debates various topics on Mainland China, Hong Kong, Macao & Taiwan. The full spectrum of topics linked to China such as culture, politics, socio-economics and business are covered, as well as Macro-politics involving China and EU/China relations.  

Technology Committee 

With this committee, called the Benelux Technology Working Group, we want to make the voice of the European Union in Hong Kong on technology stronger by uniting Belgium, Luxembourg, and The Netherlands. Together, the Benelux countries can have the critical mass to make a valuable input both as Benelux and the EU on digital innovation and technology policy. In this committe diverse opinions from all career fields can be discussed as technology has an impact on a big variety of fields.

Work-Life Committee 

Anno 2023, employees’ mental health at work and a good work-life balance can no longer be overlooked. A healthy employee is a happy employee. Employers also start to realize that mental wellbeing has got a great influence on productivity at work.  

In this committee, we’ll discuss the many ways to positively influence mental wellbeing at work. We’ll discuss ways to reduce stress, what the impact of nutrition is on productivity, leadership, future work culture Trends and so on.  A committee that really makes us stand out among other chambers. 

Young Professionals Committee 

Every month, this committee organizes top topical seminars focused on the field of interest of YPs or Young Professionals. These seminars give these young people the opportunity to grow and connect with others.

Some examples of previous events for our YPs:

  • Young Professionals Mingle: Networking event with a bite and a drink.
  • BLCC Young Professional Power Breakfast: Breakfast event where YPs can meet and question senior business leaders of companies or organizations outside of your own, and at the same time mix with other like-minded Young Professionals.
  • BLCC Young Professionals Entrepreneur Panel: Panel discussion with 4 Belgian entrepreneurs & business leaders about becoming an entrepreneur or a business leader.