Belgian Helga Vanthournout advises ADM Capital Foundation on how to reduce waste from throwaway plastics by 70%

Helga Vanthournout (left), senior adviser to ADM Capital Foundation, and researcher Ashley Bang with the ‘Eat Without Waste’ report. Photo: Edmond So

In 2025, Hong Kong will put up a ban on all throw-away cutlery & containers. “Too far off”, ADM Capital Foundation says in their ‘Eat without waste’ report. It states that a total of 3.9 billion single-use takeaway containers were sent to landfills in 2019, with figure expected to rise to 4.2 billion by 2030.

Belgian Helga Vanthournout is a senior adviser to ADM Capital Foundation. “Hong Kong has a strong food culture, but it’s expressed very often in eating outside, taking food home or to the office, and eating at construction sites, for example,” she says. Vanthournout’s research found that if most diners switched to bringing their own containers for takeaway food, it would prevent 2.89 billion pieces of single-use plastics from entering landfills, a 70% decrease from the 2030 estimate.

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