Newest Publication of Our Member KBC: Economic Perspectives – Asia Edition

Thanks to our Corporate Member & Silver Sponsor KBC Bank, we are able to share the insightful KBC Economic Perspectives – Asia Edition with you.

Here some highlights from the most recent edition:

  • The war between Russian and Ukraine is still having an impact on the world economy (food, gas, fuel, etc.), which is causing a huge prize inflation.
  • Due to the high commodity price, there is of course an inflation in the supply chain.
  • In Asia, more particularly, inflation is also being pushed up by higher fuel and food prices, threatening stagflationary dynamics in the region.
  • Inflationary pressures along with tight labor markets have increased the pressure on advanced economy central banks to step up the pace of monetary policy normalisation.
  • They have done very interesting case studies in regards to the global economy and an Asia Focus (China, Hong Kong, India and Singapore).

Clearly this is a very abbreviated overview. If you wish to read more, please find the article below.

Thanks to KBC Bank for sharing!