New relaxation of health measures

Some good news on this sunny Tuesday. This morning, Chief Executive Carrie Lam held a press conference where she announced some new relaxations of the current health measures in place. The second phase of relaxation of social distancing measures will be implemented on the 19th of May, but already this Thursday onwards, some ‘early’ relaxations will be made.

The following premises are going to reopen or will have softer restrictions as from 5th of May:

  • Dine-in: Max 8 people per table – Open till 12am
  • Banquet: 100 people maximum
  • Cinema: Increase of the maximum capacity. Food and drinks will be allowed
  • Water sports centres, public beaches, and swimming pools: Reopen (No mask required)
  • Outdoor Sport Activities: Masks will not be required during outdoor exercise and in country parks 

As from the 19th of May, also bars & pubs will reopen. A maximum of 4 people per table will be allowed, and they will be allowed to stay open until 2am.

IMPORTANT: Make sure to have your Vaccine Pass while entering in all these premises. 

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