HKgov appeal to residents: self-test from 8-10 April

Yesterday 6 April all business Chambers in Hong Kong, societies, NGOs and volunteer groups received a message reminding all of the appeal made by the HKgov Chief Executive on 2 April to participate in a territory wide ‘testing weekend’.

For the purpose of further reducing the case numbers in HK, the idea is to identify remaining silent transmission chains by having residents collectively test at home during the weekend of 8 till 10 April, using the ‘anti-epidemic bag’ that all households should have received over the last few days; positive results should then be declared online within 24 hours.

The online system where positive results can be declared is the Declaration System for individuals tested positive for COVID-19 using RAT which can be accessed here (click).

A confirmed case can then receive appropriate early treatment and/or be isolated for a minimum of 7 days.

Your BLCC hopes this exercise can lead to a further reduction of potential loss of life and to the further opening up of the SAR and the business environment, we all certainly need it.