Relaunch of OLN’s Free Will Campaign

Have you ever thought about making a will, but then didn’t think it was the time? Worried about the cost of hiring a lawyer to prepare one? Friends of the BLCC, law firm Oldham, Li & Nie (OLN) has made the decision easier for you by relaunching their free will campaign.

From now until April 30, 2022, OLN pledges to prepare a simple will for anyone who contributes HK$2,900 to the Hong Kong-based charity Helping Hand. Helping Hand is a registered NGO working for the needy elderly in Hong Kong. As the pandemic has hit them hardest, especially those who live alone in government or group homes. 100% of the money raised during the Free Will campaign will go towards providing food, daily necessities and everything needed to help the elderly in need tackle the Covid-19 outbreak. We have no administrative fees, every dollar you donate goes directly to Helping Hand.

If a simple will is not enough for your needs, OLN will be happy to prepare a more customized will at no cost if you qualify based on wealth and income.

OLN ran its first Free Will campaign in 2011 when they realized that many people in Hong Kong had the misconception that they did not need a will due to the abolition of inheritance tax in 2006. Many still do not understand that an estate automatically passes to your loved ones, even without a will. If you do not make a will, there is a good chance that the intentions you had for your family will not be realised.

OLN hopes their Free Will campaign will prompt people to make a will. Doing so will not only help a good cause, but also give you and your family peace of mind.

The campaign closes on April 30, 2022. If you already have a will and would like to make a donation, OLN is happy to accept it, they  appreciate any donation – no matter the amount.

If you would like to learn more about the campaign, please contact OLN’s partner Eunice Chiu by phone (+852 2186 1885) or email (

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