New health measures announced on 8 February

Unfortunately, due to the deterioration of the epidemic situation, new measures were announced on 8 FEB. These will take effect from February 10 till February 23.  The Chief Executive Carrie Lam announced the following measures:

  1. In addition to the original 17 scheduled premises1, six scheduled premises will be added, which now include: religious premises, shopping malls, department stores, supermarkets, markets and barber shops or hair salons. If an individual wishes to enter any of these premises in the future (beyond the period from 10th of February till the 23rd of February), the “LeaveHomeSafe” must be used.
  2. The number of persons allowed per group gathering in a public place will be reduced from four to two. Measures are being introduced that restrict multi-household gatherings in private spaces with more than two households.
  3. The current level of fixed penalty for non-compliance with compulsory testing will be raised.
  4. When an individual gets fined, the penalty amount will now be increased to $10 000 for most offenses.

Specific measures to be in force during the period from February 10 to February 23 include:

Catering business

  • items purchased as takeout consumption should strictly be consumed outside the catering premises.
  • No live performance and dancing activities are allowed in catering premises;
  • Previous requirements and restrictions on catering premises will remain in force;
  • Bars or pubs without a food license will be closed.

Scheduled premises listed below must temporarily suspend operations between the period of 10th of February till 23rd of February.

Mask wearing requirement

  • There will be no changes to the mask wearing requirement.

To view the new relevant measures in more detail, please click here to visit the official press release. The full legal texts can be found here. In addition, an overview of the entire legal article can be found in this link.

  1. The original 17 premises include:

(a) Amusement game centres;
(b) Bathhouses;
(c) Fitness centres;
(d) Places of amusement;
(e) Places of public entertainment;
(f) Premises (commonly known as party rooms) that are maintained or intended to be maintained for hire for holding social gatherings;
(g) Beauty parlours;
(h) Establishments (commonly known as clubs or nightclubs) that are open late into the night, usually for drinking, and dancing or other entertainment;
(i) Karaoke establishments;
(j) Mahjong-tin kau premises;
(k) Massage establishments;
(l) Sports premises;
(m) Swimming pools;
(n) cruise ships (i.e. suspension of “cruise-to-nowhere” itineraries);
(o) event premises;
(p) religious premises (except for funerals); and
(q) barber shops or hair salons.