Hong Kong Government tightens health measures

As feared, new measures were announced today by Chief Executive Carrie Lam to contain the outbreak of the omnicron virus in Hong Kong.

Carrie Lam communicated the following new anti-epidemic measures:

From 12am on 8th January onwards till 24th January:

flights from 8 countries will be banned from landing in Hong Kong. Anyone, including Hong Kong residents, who transit via these 8 countries will also be banned from entering Hong Kong. These 8 countries also include France and the U.K.

From 12am on 7th January for 14 days

  • All major events and gatherings will be cancelled
  • Dine-in services at all catering premises will be banned from 6pm onwards. As for maximum number of diners per table, only 2 will be allowed for Category A and B restaurants, 4 per table for Category C and 6 per table for Category D.
  • All listed premises under Cap 599F including bars, clubs, mahjong/Tin Kau parlours, game arcade centres, beauty parlours, karaoke, public bathhouses, cruises, fitness centres must be suspended too. All bars in hotels/guest houses/ private clubs must also be suspended
  • Theme parks and museums will be closed
  • All local tours and cruise-to-where must be suspended

Let’s hope that after this effort, in a fortnight’ time we will again be able to enjoy a pleasant night out together.