Newest Publication of Our Member KBC: Economic Perspectives – Asia Edition

Thanks to KBC Bank

Thanks to our Corporate Member & Silver Sponsor KBC Bank, we are able to share the insightful KBC Economic Perspectives – Asia Edition with you.

Here some highlights from the most recent edition:

  • General Forecasts for 2021 & 2022 revised downward;
  • Several factors are currently weighing on Chinese economic activity;
  • Though the Delta-driven pandemic surge throughout much of Asia in the second and third quarters are subsiding, further disruptions to global supply chains persist, leading to somewhat longer lasting cost-push inflation pressures;
  • In light of the recent surge of energy prices, we now expect the price of a barrel Brent to stay around its current peak of about 80 USD until Q1 2022;
  • FED ‘tapering’ process expected to start before the end of the year, with a rate hike expected to happen in 2022 after the ‘tapering’ is completed.

Clearly this is a very abbreviated overview, please download/read the full report here. Thanks to KBC Bank for sharing!