Release of Quarterly Business Tendency Survey

The Census and Statistics Department (C&SD) recently released the results of the Quarterly Business Tendency Survey for the fourth quarter of the current year.

The highlight of the survey is the fact that the percentage of respondents expecting their business situation to be better in the fourth quarter of 2021 when compared to their previous quarter is slightly higher than those expecting it to be worse. This may be accredited to respondents expecting their volume of business output to increase on balance in Q4 2021 as compared with Q3 2021.

However, a government spokesman did express concern that business sentiment among some firms turned more cautious as compared to earlier on in the year, as the coronavirus crisis continued to create uncertainties over Hong Kong’s economic outlook. It remains to be seen how long such pessimism will last, and whether the continued relaxation of health restrictions – particularly those relating to quarantine procedures for inbound travellers – will help boost optimism in the economy.

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