Updates on Value-added tax in Europe

After a European Court of Justice (ECJ) judge on a legal case on the Value-added tax (VAT), the practice of VAT in Belgium and Luxembourg are widened.

The ECJ judgement confirms that taxable transactions performed by a non-Belgian established head office to its Belgian branch which is part of a Belgian VAT group, or vice versa, are subject to VAT, as long as one of the branches belong to a VAT group. Also, the Belgian government will not be able to issue new individual global VAT identification numbers for the VAT group. The ECJ seems to indicate a unified EU VAT identification number.

For Luxembourgian, the ECJ judgement clarified the upcoming VAT-related bills. Luxembourg will have a similar VAT policy, which following the EU clarified standard, as the Belgian.

However, the ECJ decision needs the relevant authorities in Belgium and Luxembourg to ratify to take into effect.

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