Cathay Pacific is preparing for safe transportation of vaccines

On January 13, 2021, Payload Asia released an article about the transportation of the COVID-19 vaccines. Although Hong Kong is still waiting to get a go-signal to roll-out its vaccine program, Cathay Pacific is already coming up with solutions to get the COVID-19 vaccine distributed as safe and fast as possible across the world.

The terminal used by Cathay Pacific cargo is being expanded to increase the cold storage capacity to hold more than 7 million doses per day.

In addition, the cargo division is progressively implementing a track-and-trace system for cargo. According to the Cathay Pacific director of cargo, Tom Owen, this service will be provided without charge for any shipment containing the COVID-19 vaccine. 

Through low-energy Bluetooth readers, updates are given on the shipment information to guarantee that the vaccines’ required temperature is maintained during transport.

The shipments using this technology will be overseen by the new operations control centre, where ramp and cargo terminal personnel can be instructed by a local team of cargo professionals on the different storage requirements.

This Ultra track will support forwarders to keep an eye on the condition of the vaccine shipments. Throughout the first quarter of the year, this system will be used. 

Cathay Pacific, director of cargo, Tom Owen, says that it is essential that every stage of the process is done right as the vaccine is valuable and scarce. Cathay Pacific is optimistic in distributing the vaccines after having accomplished airport-wide recertification of IATA’s CEIV Pharma accreditation at Hong Kong International Airport. They are prepared to assist with what will be one of the most significant humanitarian response to a crisis that anyone has ever seen involving civil aviation.

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