HK slowly opening from 1 May

The KHgov announced on April 22 that non-Hong Kong residents will be allowed to enter Hong Kong again from overseas places. Also the route-specific flight suspension mechanism (flight bans) will be suitably adjusted with effect from 0.00 am on May 1. Finally, rapid antigen tests (RAT) will be added to the “test-and-hold” arrangement at the airport. This will greatly reduce the amount of time passengers have to wait at the airport before being released to their designated quarantine hotel (DQH). Passengers who test negative on the RAT can await the result of their on-arrival PCR test in their DQH.

Route specific flight suspension mechanism: from May 1, if on the same flight there are…

  • Five or more passengers or five percent or more of the total number of passengers on board the same flight tested positive for the virus by arrival test;
  • Three or more passenger are tested positive for the virus by arrival test and one or more non-compliant case(s) was/were allowed to board for Hong Kong without complying with the requirement(s) specified under the Prevention and Control of Disease, then…

The passenger flights of that route from the relevant airline from the same origin place will be prohibited from landing in Hong Kong for five days.

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