Hong Kong’s latest Covid-19 social distancing rules

As announced on February 22nd, the HKgov will extend the social distancing measures by cycles of 14 days. The closure of specified premises, including bars, nightclubs, gyms and hair salons will continue, including a newly tightened rule limiting diners to two per table in all restaurants.

Here is a brief overview of the main measures that will continue:

  • Religious premises and hair salons will remain close.
  • Public gatherings remain tightened to 2 persons.
  • Cross-family gatherings in private premises remain limited to 2 households at a time.
  • Thereby, Type D will also change to have a maximum of 2 persons per table. Type B & C remain to have a maximum of 2 persons per table.
  • Yesterday, the ‘Vaccine Pass’ went into effect, meaning that to gain entrance to 25 types of venues, one is required to show a certificate of vaccination / medical exemption either on paper or in the latest version of the LeaveHomeSafe app.

The government thereby announced that all Hong Kong residents will have to undergo compulsory COVID-19 testing. The testing will begin in March and will include 3 sets. You can find the press release here.