Solvay & Its Bet On The Semiconductor Industry

We were proud to host Dr. Ilham Kadri, CEO of Solvay, in our High-Caliber Speaker series last week. It was a great opportunity for our members to learn and ask questions from an industry leader of such a magnitude, and your BLCC was honoured to be a part of the event. And in line with the topics that were discussed at the event, Solvay has been making strategic moves to set it up for the future.

The firm is predicting that the global semiconductor industry will reach new heights in the upcoming years. And as a result, it is looking to get a piece of the pie for itself. Through partnering up with its Taiwanese counterpart, Shinkong, Solvay has set its aim on producing 30,000 tonnes of hydrogen peroxide per year from 2023. Why hydrogen peroxide you may ask? Well, because its a critical ingredient used to clean and etch semiconductors during the manufacturing process. Meaning that if the demand for semiconductors increase, so does the demand for hydrogen peroxide. It remains to be seen whether this move will be a success for Solvay. But in the meantime one thing is for certain: Solvay is looking to make sure that they’re prepared for the future.

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