IPHatchHK: Start-up Competition Briefing Session

#IPHatchHK – would you like to take the first step in creating a start-up?

Have you ever thought of starting your own business? However, building a start-up from scratch often requires a lot of resources and capital. Along with the stress and risk that come with it, many people are thus deterred from being an entrepreneur. 

But there’s no single way of succeeding in start-ups. This year, #IPHatch together with #Hong Kong IP start-up competition jointly offer 17 sets of technology patents. As long as the contestants could elaborate on how to transform the patents into innovative and practical commercial usage, they will have the chance to exercise the patent and start a big first step in their entrepreneurship journey!  

If you believe you are the one with the vision, capacity and entrepreneurial dream, please sign up for the competition now! To improve the odds of winning, please attend the online briefing session on 29 April and 6 May here (click).

Click here for more information about the IPHatchHK competition.