CLP 120th Anniversary

The BLCC warmly congratulates our corporate member CLP on their 120th anniversary this year!

On 25 January 1901, CLP was integrated in Hong Kong as China Light & Power Syndicate. As of today, CLP group powers over millions of houses and businesses all across Asia Pacific regions but continues to see Hong Kong as their home.

When CLP came to Hong Kong, electricity was still something unique in the world. The first generator of CLP was located at Chatham road, and soon CLP started to supply Kowloon’s streets with electricity. As electricity is part of everybody’s business, there was a significant need for electricity as Hong Kong rapidly developed, which needed to be dealt with immediately. This was the time for CLP to step up and electrify the rural areas as well as the budget industries that began to arise.

In 2021 CLP is celebrating its 120th year in the business. CLP thinks about Hong Kong’s long-term view, considering the needs of current & future generations. Another essential framework for CLP is making sure their electricity is safe & reliable to ensure a green future so that everyone can have a world they enjoy. The Honourable Sir Michael Kadoorie, Chairman of CLP Group, believes that the values we all share are the values we see in CLP. Values such as trust, honesty, being able to give people what they need, and provide them with confidence and a long-term view.

For 120 years, CLP and the communities held the shared vision of a better tomorrow, which has helped them together through many ups and downs. The history of CLP is proof of the flexibility, passion, and creativity of not only CLP but also of Hong Kong.

Congratulations from the BLCC!

Click here if you want to see a short video about CLP and its history.