Recap: Vaccine Update Web Talk with Frank Van Gelder

What an insightful webinar it was, great to share this with nearly 50 guests, thank you all for attending!

In our “Vaccine update with Mr. Frank van Gelder” webinar of yesterday (WED 3 FEB), Frank presented the most up to date information on the Belgian vaccine production & shipments, Belgium’s role in logistics, challenges faced by the Covid-19 Task Force, as well as the global prospects for future vaccines and public health developments in 2022-2023.

Slides of the event are now available on the original event website (click) under ‘Documents’. Some of what was presented in Frank’s slides can be found in this Pharma.Aero & TIACA report as well (click).

This webinar was kindly supported by our BLCC sponsors and our kind co-hosts the Danish, Swedish, Finnish, Romanian, German and New Zealand Chambers of Commerce in Hong Kong. We are especially thankful to Mr. Frank Van Gelder, who was a speaker for us again! 

Stay tuned for more upcoming events!