EuroCham Financial Services Business Council Paper

The European Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong (EuroCham) is pleased to announce the publication of its latest Asset Management Paper 2020 which has been prepared by Eurocham’s Financial Services Business Council (FSBC), with contributions from the industry.

With two of our BLCC members being part of the FSBC, we are especially proud to bring you this paper (click to open & download).

Despite the current uncertainty generated by the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, EuroCham believes that the long-term opportunities for the growth & development of the asset management industry in Hong Kong & Europe remain strong. The paper seeks to highlight recent developments in the asset management industry in both HK & Europe and identify how those developments will impact industry participants.

A key goal of the paper is to foster dialogue between stakeholders in HK & Europe through increased cooperation and collaboration. The paper seeks to summarise key industry developments including the establishment of Wealth Management Connect, the development of the ETF industry in HK, the introduction of open-ended fund companies / limited partnership funds in HK and broader trends relating to green finance, ESG investing, cryptocurrency & FinTech.