COVID-19’s Impact on Hong Kong’s F&B Industry

Summary of the results of the F&B Business Sentiment Survey

Our friends at Foodie ( recently launched a survey on COVID-19’s impact on Hong Kong’s F&B Industry, here below you will find a summary of their results.

While the protests in Hong Kong certainly also had a negative impact on the F&B industry, this was generally not as severe as compared to COVID-19.

With Hong Kong residents being encouraged to go out less often in order to reduce the community spread of COVID-19, many F&B businesses have reportedly turned to food delivery to help to tide them over during these tricky times.

But, the respondents were fairly split on the impact of food deliveries to their business. Many of them noting little or no impact from food delivery, and even recalling that deliveries were problematic during the Hong Kong protests.

According to 90% of the respondents the biggest challenge faced by F&B businesses at the moment is the lack of customers and demand.

Most respondents, it seems, have yet to make up their minds as to whether this downturn has irrevocably altered Hong Kong’s F&B space in the near term, although optimism can be hard to come by during such challenging times.

Read the full report on the F&B Business Sentiment Survey here.