Testimonial BLCC Traineeship Aug-Dec 2021

 Working with Robin over the last 4 months was incredible. Over the course of my internship, I learned so much, met so many different people, and grew as a person. It was an experience which really gave me a more nuanced perspective into the world of business, and how every stakeholder within it interacts with each other. The guidance that Robin gave me was also very valuable, and I am sure I will use what he has taught me over the course of my career. Moreover, I also got the opportunity to learn from Femke over the latter half of my internship, in which I gained invaluable advice about how to hone my personal and professional skills. I am very glad that I chose to start my professional career with the BLCCHK, and wouldn’t have done anything differently if I had the chance. My internship experience at BLCCHK was better than I could possibly hope for, and I highly recommend anyone wanting to learn and experience the intricacies of business and commerce to apply for this internship. 

Rishab Sukhlecha