Our Vision


“To promote a well-connected, prosperous and engaged Belgian & Luxembourg business community in Hong Kong.”


“As an independent, member-driven association, the Belgium-Luxembourg Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong provides a platform for individuals & companies to connect, grow their business and succeed in achieving their professional goals.


Goals related to providing services to members

To provide members & prospective members with support & connections in setting up or expanding their operations in Hong Kong.

Goals related to representing & promoting (prospective) members

To promote & support the established commercial activities of our members.

To represent members’ views, issues, concerns & ideas to the HKgov and other appropriate parties.

To promote & expand the business and general awareness of Belgium & Luxembourg.

Goals related to events

To organize & hold lectures, meetings, seminars and conferences so as to keep our members abreast of current business developments in Hong Kong, for exchanges of experience, ideas and views & for the identification of new trade & investment opportunities.

To organize these events also to provide our members with opportunities for networking within the Belgium-Luxembourg Business Community as well as with other relevant bodies and Business Communities in Hong Kong.

Goals related to cooperation with relevant parties

To associate and co-operate with other Chambers of Commerce, Government bodies, relevant trade organizations & associations in Belgium, Luxembourg, Hong Kong, the PRC & other countries.

Other goals of interest

To create a supportive and stimulating business environment.

To inform members about business, governmental and economic developments.

To encourage involvement and contribution (self-propagating, self-fueled) by members to further the goals of the Chamber.



We are proactive (e.g. in reaching out to our members), we value personal connections with our members & cooperation; Cooperation with other Chambers is important to provide more value to our members.


The environment & sustainability guide us in our actions.


We are a business Chamber (not involved in politics, regulations, etc.)