Fifth round of Anti-epidemic Fund measures from HKgov

On 14 January the HKSAR Government announced measures for the fifth round of the Anti-epidemic Fund, committing a total funding of about $3,570 million.

The total overview of which industries are eligible for subsidy can be found here:

Today (17 January) the HKgov announced commencement of applications in some sectors in 3 press releases:

Places of Amusement Licence Holders Subsidy Scheme under fifth-round of Anti-epidemic Fund to open for application.

Club-house Subsidy Scheme, Amusement Game Centres Subsidy Scheme and Mahjong/Tin Kau Licence Holder Subsidy Scheme to open for application.

Sports Premises Subsidy Scheme to open for applications.

As soon as we receive news on when the other sectors can apply (such as restaurants), we endeavor to share it here too.