COVID-19 & Foreign Trade Webinar

Covid-19 has had many effects on foreign trade. Some changes are temporary, while other changes we have gotten more accustomed to, and which we won’t be able to phase out soon. But are some of these effects permanent – here to stay forever?

Covid-19 has had a structural impact on Belgian foreign trade, and the policies surrounding it. Some of these impacts are going to be short-lived, while others are going to be everlasting. To have a more comprehensive understanding of this topic, join the webinar below on the 7th of September. It’s in collaboration with the Belgian Foreign Trade Agency, and will have experts giving microeconomic analysis of the various implications of Covid-19 on the industry.

Your BLCC is very excited to present this opportunity to you! It’s completely free to attend, and while it takes place at 3:15pm CET (which is quite late for HKT), we still feel that it’s worth attending, as you will be able to gain valuable insights from this webinar. Click here to find out more and register.