Event Recap: BeLuxCham Malaysia’s Blockchain Webinar


The Blockchain Webinar hosted by BeLuxCham Malaysia on 7 July 2021 saw approximately 50 attendees. 

Vincent Borgne – First Speaker

Head of Data & Analytics at SWIFT Vincent Borgne, the first speaker, introduced attendees to the potential of blockchain, drawing comparisons to disruptive technologies such as the internet. Vincent referred to blockchain technology as “revolutionary”, noting their function as an unfalsifiable chronological list of records. He listed their three main characteristics as being decentralised, transparent and immutable, before delving into the practical implications and potential drawbacks. Finally, Vincent closed his segment by stating just how the internet was an easier, faster and cheaper way to exchange data, blockchains are an easier, faster, and cheaper way to verify data.

Eveline van Wezel – Second Speaker

Following Vincent was Eveline van Wezel, a Digital Advisor at Microsoft. She emphasised the potential of blockchain technology in aiding organisations achieve their sustainability objectives. Additionally, Eveline gave insights into the growing trend of businesses’ focus shifting to environmental sustainability and Microsoft’s current progress toward becoming carbon negative by 2030. She then discussed the practical applications of blockchains on the ESG principles, UN sustainable development goals and Paris Climate Agreement. Closing her segment, she mentioned the potential for blockchains to discipline corporations and their sustainability strategies but mentioned persisting challenges. 

Rene Bernard – Third Speaker

The third and final speaker after Eveline was Rene Bernard, the CEO and Co-Founder of LuxTag, and the Founding President of the Malaysian Non-Profit ACCESS Blockchain Association. Rene highlighted that despite the immense potential of blockchain technology, it means nothing without the proper systems and programmes being built around them. He promptly listed and intricately explained the non-financial uses of blockchain technology: identity management; healthcare; voting mechanisms; proof of insurance; NFT marketplaces; asset tracking, protection and anti-counterfeit. He stated that LuxTag ultimately chose to tackle the sixth option, developing their blockchain-based solution BrandTag, enthusiastically detailing its functionality.


The three speakers each gave attendees further insights into blockchain technology, its potential, practical applications, and limitations. Throughout the session, attendees also engaged in discussion with the speakers in the Zoom chat, requesting further details on the technology and presenting new, unique ideas. It is safe to say that those who attended emerged satisfied and the speakers seemed eager to host another event in the future.