Vaccination Group Booking

As a special member service, we can now offer group bookings to our members if they chose to receive vaccination.

Is your company or your team looking to get vaccinated as a group? Or do you as a company want to provide your employees an easy way to get vaccinated in larger batches? We can help! Please let us know and we can make a booking for you.

What we need to know:

  • Which type of vaccine would your group like to get? (Fosun/Pfizer-BioNTech (Comirnaty) or Sinovac (CoronaVac));
  • Contact details of your group leader;
  • How many people in your group (ideally 15 to 20 colleagues per group);
  • At which vaccination centre would your group like to receive their jabs? (click here for a PDF overview of centers);
  • Preferred date of your first jab (please indicate 2 dates of choice);
  • Preferred date of your second jab (please again indicate 2 dates of choice);
  • Preferred timeslot (AM or PM).

Please contact any BLCC Staff members or call 6925 2537 once you are ready to register or for more information. Together we fight the virus!

*The BLCC only acts as a channel for the purpose of group bookings for our members. The BLCC assumes limited responsibility to include only the proper handling of the group booking & administration around this booking. By using this service any members registering with us for a group booking, release the BLCC of any other responsibility including but not limited to the occurrence of any medical side effects as a consequence of the vaccination, the non-occurrence of immunity, infection with COVID-19 before, during or after the vaccination process, cancellation of the booking for whatever reason, mixing up of chosen vaccination between the first & second jab etc.
Likewise, the BLCC can not be held responsible by the HK Government, by any of its Departments nor by any CVC in case a group or the individuals within a group booking organized by the BLCC do not show up for their booking for whatever reason or disrupt the vaccination process in any other way.