Exhibition of Raoul De Keyser, Belgian Artist, at H Queen’s Central, HK

News from our BeLux artist communities! 

David Zwirner, a gallery located at H Queen’s Central, is presenting an exhibition featuring paintings from the last 25 years of Raoul De Keyser’s five-decade career.

De Keyser (1930-2012), a Belgian artist, is famous for his sophisticated and tempered paintings that subtly and evocatively explore the relationship between color and form. Made up of simple shapes and painterly marks, his works allude to the natural world and representational imagery, while avoiding suggestions of narrative or reductive frameworks that limit experience and interpretation. 

To quote art historian and curator Ulrich Loock: “in the case of De Keyser, the autonomy of painting is not an overarching, ultimate goal to be reached by a detour through its opposite. Rather… De Keyser succeeds in creating a situation in which his painting is kept free from pure subjective construction and is able, through mimesis, to acknowledge a reality outside itself… through a particular kind of self-referentiality, he manages to balance depiction and the autonomy of the image, avoiding a compromise between the two.”

The exhibition is available from January 15 to March 6. If you’re interested, please check out the David Zwirner website here (click) and click here for the press release of the exhibition.