Results of the Summer Survey

Thanks everyone for your participation! As promised here are the results of the short 4 question Summer Survey we presented to our membership these last 2 weeks. These results represent the opinions of around 50 participants which isn’t enough to generalize to the entire Belgian & Luxembourg community, but nonetheless it gives an interesting view.

Question 1

Thankfully there is still some possibility for holidays this year for a large part of our respondents.

Question 2

For those who answered ‘yes’ to question 1.
It’s clear that a large part of the respondents will leave HK, meaning they will be likely subject to quarantine upon their return to HK.

Question 3

For those who said ‘yes’ to question 1.
From these results it’s clear that August is the preferred month for holidays; it could be that many of our respondents choose to go on holiday out of HK at the end of August with the goal of coming back after the expiry date for the current quarantine regulations (17 SEP).


Answers of the respondents who said they won’t / can’t have holidays this Summer. It seems that the quarantine measures are a major deterrent as the wish for many seems to be to leave HK. This opinion is supported by the second most chosen answer that there are no flights yet to the preferred holiday destinations. Let’s hope this changes soon for these respondents!