Survey by Spanish Chamber shows largely positive outlook

Last week we reported on the survey launched by our colleagues at the Spanish Chamber of Commerce. The BLCC was happy to support this survey and requested our business community to participate as well.

Late yesterday the Spanish Chamber published a press release summarizing the results of the survey. You can read the press release here (click). The results in short: confidence in HK remains solid on the longer term, in the short term confidence in the health care system of HK is high as well.

Earlier in February our colleagues at the American Chamber of Commerce also launched a survery. The results of it are published here (click). Just over half of their respondents report having unchanged views on staying in HK and about one third feels pessimistic on the short term. The survey results include some comments from the respondents, it makes for an interesting read.

Would you like to share any insights or comments around the current health scare & how it impacts you or your business? Please feel free to share with us at any time.